External features
- The exterior wall modules are constructed from concrete elements (the wall has a thickness of 360mm)

- Facade material: this is made of weatherproof and maintenance-free Eternit Colorit white cement facade tile/stained boards

Built-up roofing
- Protan roof cover, roof insulation of 300mm, hollow panel, wood tiling on the terrace.

- Wood-aluminium windows with one frame

- Triple glass package

Heating supply and warm consumption water 
- Produced with a Panasonic T-Cap air-water heat pump

Heating system
- Water floor heating on both floors.

- Room thermostats in each room.

Ventilation system
- Zehnder Comfo Air  ventilation system with energy return, which comes with the passive house certificate.

- Up to 95% of energy return. 
- Low energy cost direct current engines.
- Zehnder Comfo Fresh plastic channel systems with hygienic inner lining.

- Harvia cylinder heater.

Bathroom furnishings
- High-quality bathroom furnishings from Duravit, Hansgrohe, Teke, Kerasan

Additionally available – ECO package
- An installation of sun panels with 3.5kW available for the production of electrical energy which allows the house owner to produce their own electricity. Heat exchange for the Entalpia ventilation system.

- Ventilation heat exchanger that returns heat as well as humidity. Extends the limit of application for the frost protection (pre-heating) in the heat exchanger and adds to the quality of the interior climate (prevents excess drying of the air during the heating period, and re-circulates some of the heat).